6 Reasons Why Getting A Winter Detail Is Not A Waste

winter detailing
The #1 thing I hear about during winter is that people don’t want to waste their money getting a winter detail. Well here are 6 reasons as to why it’s NOT a waste. 
  • When you purchase my Silver Package it comes with a hand wash, clay bar, and a 6 month sealant applied. What this does is makes your paint incredibly smooth and, more importantly, protected. It also comes with a basic interior which is a vacuum, interior wipe down and windows cleaned. I’ll explain more later on why that is important. 
  • Because your paint is now smoother and protected it makes washing even easier. But why not just go through automatic touchless washes? That’s a valid question and one that I am happy to answer that it DOES make a difference. On my personal vehicle I travel 70 miles every single day. Just before Christmas I was getting sick and tired of going through touchless washes and 1) the vehicle was still not that clean afterwards and 2) it would get dirty after just driving a short distance. I only detail my vehicle once every quarter or so and it was coming up on its detail. I detailed it shortly before going back to Pierre and I’m happy to report that it stayed cleaner than it previously had. Now I’m back to my usual touchless wash once per week. 
  • Leaving salt and magnesium chloride (what they use to melt ice on the roads) on your paint is hard on it. Not only will it cause everything to rust much faster but it will also attract water and other contaminants and hold them on top of your paint.
  • A lot of people don’t realize that most rims have a clear coat on them just like what’s on your paint. Rims take a beating; they collect brake dust, salt, sand and all of those things then hold moisture against the clear coat causing it to break down quickly which then makes the rims look terrible. Getting a detail gets your rims thoroughly cleaned and then a sealant is applied just like that on your paint to help protect them. 
  • Remember above when I mentioned that getting the interior done was important? Well during the winter time all the stuff that’s on the roads and sidewalks transfers to your interior. So you’re now bringing in salt, magnesium chloride and sand into your interior. You can imagine why that in itself is hard on your carpet but then you have the added punch of melting snow and low temperatures so your carpet stays wetter longer. If you happen to now get this mixture onto your seat brackets or any other metal parts of the interior it will quickly break them down and make them rust. Your carpet will also get dirtier faster because of all the stuff stuck in your carpet. Now the basic interior will get some of the sand and salt out of your carpet but for best results I recommend getting a full interior done which includes a carpet shampoo and interior steam cleaning.
  • Have you noticed when your driving around and other vehicles cause a dirty mist of water on your windows and windshield? With my Silver package you get sealant on your windows as well which makes the window surfaces smoother making them easier to clean. But even better than that, when you use your windshield washer fluid and wipers to wipe your window clean, you won’t get that dirty water streaked all over your windshield which is a dangerous situation. 

If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them. Or if you have decided that your tired of your vehicle not looking as good as it possibly could just click the Book Now button and schedule an appointment today! 

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