I have had a ton of customers ask how long I have been doing this and why I do this so I thought I would write this for anyone coming to the site that is interested.

This first time I ever ‘detailed’ a vehicle was back when I was 16 years old and I wanted to clean out my ’88 Bronco II (an awesome vehicle) for a girl I was going to take on a date. So I did the usual vacuum, wipe down everything, did the windows. My dad came out after an hour or so and told me how impressed he was with the work and that I should do it for some extra money. So naturally being 18 and a rebel I chose not to listen to him.

Couple months went by and I was tight on money so I took my last little bit of money and bought some products and started asking around if anyone would let me wash their car for 20 bucks, 40 for interior and exterior. Got some jobs, expanded what I could do to ‘buffing’ which was extra and did a summer’s worth of details to save up some money for college. I still remember doing my principal at the time’s pickup Mrs. Haisch and her telling me how much better it looked and she was very impressed. I remember feeling proud knowing I just made her day a little easier and that now she had a nice clean vehicle to enjoy.

Even back then I did mobile detailing. I lived out on an acreage 8 miles from Alcester and I thought to myself ‘why would anyone want to drive out here for a 40 dollar detail?’ So I went to them. That convenience mindset still continues to this day.

Fast forward a 8 years I totally stopped doing it through college (beer and woman were way more important than making money) where I earned a degree in Diesel Technology and started working at my first dealership at Titan Machinery in Highmore, SD. I quickly learned that I was in WAY over my head and quit after 1.5 years, the cycle pretty much continued throughout my wrenching career and I will never, ever, in my life look down at a mechanic. It is incredibly hard mental and physical work. Actual good mechanics are some of the smartest, common sense people I know. But thankfully it did teach me something incredibly valuable. How to fail. Cause I did it ALOT. I couldn’t tell you how many things I have messed up, its some number to the one hundredth power. But most days I just kept going back to work.

Then one day me and my wife were driving and talking about us getting second jobs for some extra money and I told her about how I used to detail cars. Figuring I would get 2, maybe 3 jobs a week at 80 bucks a pop I figured what the heck I’ll give it a shot. At the time we were living in Pierre, SD population around 35,000 and all the dealerships did detailing so I figured I wasnt gonna be that busy. After 3 months I was booked out for 2 weeks and working every night after work and doing 2 details a day over the weekends. It was right then I started seeing the possibillity that I could work for myself.

Shortly after that great run in Pierre we decided to move to Sioux Falls and really try to make this a full time job. And now I am back, it started here 8 years ago and I intend to give every customer in the Sioux Falls and Vermillion area the same feeling I gave Mrs. Haisch. Relaxation because she could do what she needed to while I came to her to give her something that shouldn’t be hard. A clean vehicle.