Are we right for each other?

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Don’t worry I’m not looking to get into a serious relationship with you, well at least not yet.

Ok moving past the creepy title and intro, what am I trying to talk to you about? 

In the time that I have been in business I have noticed a trend of three kinds of people who don’t just LIKE doing business with me, they LOVE it! And while every customer is important (even you crazy rebels that don’t fit into any category!) I thought it might be a good idea to tell you about my three most common customers. Do you know someone who is like them?


The Car Enthusiast

 So I just noticed that I have serious bromance theme going on here. Sorry about that….no i’m not! It’s Maverick and Goose, Toretto and O’Connor! So who is the Car Enthusiast? They are a complete gear-head. They spend their nights and weekends wrenching on their car (or cars if they are a big shot, in which case we really need to talk ;)) or maybe they just really enjoy having performance cars. Either way they read tons of articles on the latest vehicles coming out, spend inordinate amount of time on groups or forums hating on Hondas or Subarus but when it comes down to a Friday or Saturday night in the summer that all goes away and they just want to cruise with a big group of car loving people. 



The Mom

Anybody here know a mom who has 2-3 kids, never has time for anything because they are either dropping off the kids, picking them up, taking them to after school activities, probably in a SUV or van? All while having a full-time job and then after work and ALL OF THAT comes home and cooks and cleans? And they are supposed to find time to clean their vehicle…when? They need to treat themselves to a clean vehicle! Even if it only lasts a couple days. 


multipurpose businessman

The Busy Business Professional

Their days start early and end late. From the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep they are at full throttle. Their day is filled with meetings and business planning. In between all of that they are answering calls, texts and emails that would make the average person crumble under the sheer numbers. Maybe they are just starting out in their business which means they are doing all these things along with trying to get a social media presence going and a website built. Their car is a reflection of them and their business so keeping it tip top shape is important but…when do they have the time? Taking a couple hours out of their day to clean their car could mean hundreds of dollars wasted in productivity. 


The Solution

Adam Huber’s Detailing knows them, understands their struggles and is here to try and alleviate just ONE simple thing from their life. Having a clean car shouldn’t be hard. Send this to the person that is like one of these three. 

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