Opti-Coat Pro and Pro+

Secure the look of your car with the original automotive ceramic coating

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So what makes a ceramic coating different?

The average sealant or wax will last you 6 months under the best conditions. While this is impressive, the cost’s can add up quick.

Compare this to Opti-Coat Pro which is PERMANENT and will lock in the shine of your vehicle forever. It makes washing your car a breeze. No more waxing, bugs clean off with no work, and bird poop wont stain your clear coat. All of this adds up to saving you time and letting you do things that matter more.

If you want a vehicle that looks the best it ever has and it stay that way, call or message me today to get a free in-person quote.

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What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating has either SiC properties or SiO2. Opti-coat Pro+ has both giving superior protection and hydrophobic properties. 

How does it work?

A ceramic coating is simply a super hard sacrificial barrier. We spend hours and hundreds of dollars getting your paint looking as amazing as possible and then we use a ceramic coating to lock in the shine.

What does it actually protect?

OEM paint is susceptible to etching from bug stains and bird poop and other harsh acids and degreasers along with brake dust. Coatings are much harder than OEM paint and bug’s and bird poop will not etch them along with being much more resistant to chemical burn from acids and degreasers which are commonly used in DIY car washes and touchless washes.

How does it save me money?

This is probably the best reason to get a ceramic coating. My average customer gets a detail from me twice per year at a cost of $250, the average time someone owns a car is 5 years, in 5 years that works out to be $1250. Getting your vehicle coated not only saves you money but also makes washing your vehicle one of the easiest parts of your day.

How is it different from waxing?

Waxes will only last a month or two at best. Ceramic coatings last years.

What if I don’t seal or wax?

It makes much harder to get a vehicle looking great with just a wash. Your vehicle will get dirtier faster and bugs and bird poop is harder to clean off.

What does the application process look like?

We spend several hours and hundreds of dollars to get your vehicle looking amazing so that when we ceramic coat it it looks like that for years to come.

What else can ceramic coatings do?

You can coat windows, paint, rims, trim, leather and carpets. If any of these are paint points in your life you should consider getting them done. 

What if I still have questions?

PLEASE call or message me. There is alot of hype and misinformation out there when it comes to coatings. I can walk you through the facts of ceramic coatings and see what works best for your situation.

 Put in your information below and I will get in contact with you about what a Ceramic Coating can do for you. 

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