Cheeseburgers and Detailing

What in the world could detailing and cheeseburgers have in common? Well, as you can see here, these are two burgers that were bought in Sioux Falls but are not only vastly different in quality and taste, but also in the experience of purchasing them. 

The one on the left is your typical $1 cheeseburger that you get from McDonald’s. It doesn’t offer much in the taste category and the bun is greasy and the meat is hardly there. And, let’s be honest, we aren’t even sure it is real meat. It is loaded with preservatives and is pre-cooked making it bland tasting and is really only there to fill you up as cheaply as possible. 

The one on the right, on the other hand, is completely different. This burger is from Sickies Garage and is cooked to order, has real meat, the meat is considerably thicker and the bun is better. This burger also costs $10 which when you think about it makes it several times more expensive than the McDonald’s burger. But is it really that many times better tasting than the McDonald’s burger? Is it really that many times more healthy for you? 

Maybe. But think about the experience of ordering the two. On the one hand, you drive up and speak to an inanimate object and order while sitting in a line of cars like cattle and then get your food in a paper bag with a greasy paper wrapper from a someone who could probably care less about your experience and is just trying to push out as much food as possible. If you happen to walk into McDonald’s to order, you’re greeted with pretty much the same experience as every other store. The tables are mostly the same, the floor is the same, the pop machines are the same, menu is the same, etc. All are mostly just carbon copies of each other. You order, take a number, sit down, and then they call out your number and you walk up and get your food. When you’re done eating, you get up and throw away whatever is left and maybe when you leave someone will come around and wipe down the table.  A very impersonal experience. 

Now compare that to ordering from Sickies. You walk in and the restaurant has a very different feel to it. It’s got sheet metal on the walls, old license plates, vintage memorabilia everywhere. It serves great beer and you sit down at a comfy table and someone comes to you and takes your order so that you can enjoy a nice conversation with whomever you’re with.  That person also has a very vested interest in your experience because they are relying on your tip to make a living. They want to provide you with good conversation, make you laugh, treat you well and learn a little bit about you. They want your food to taste good, your drinks to be full and will come back and check on you to make sure you don’t need anything from time to time. When it’s time to go, they come to you with the check, take care of payment for you and when you leave they take your dishes for you and clean your table so you don’t have to. 

So, what does all this have to do with detailing? Well often times I get asked as to why I am so much more expensive than some of the car wash places or even other detailing places. And I always kind of found it hard to convey why that is. And I think I have found the perfect way to explain it. I offer a much higher experience than other places. Customer service, convenience and quality are at the forefront of my mind for any customer and any vehicle that I do. When you compare me to other places think of the differences. 

Some places you get in line with other vehicles and go through a wash process just like cattle. Someone who doesn’t know you at all or even cares to know you takes your info and then a crew of people quickly vacuum out your vehicles, often just sucking things up into the vacuum without giving it much thought. Then, they run your vehicle through a harsh washing process and then a crew of people wipe down your vehicle without concerning themselves with how dirty the towel is or even if they get it totally dry. And then you just climb into your vehicle and drive away. The whole process from start to finish takes approximately 15-20 minutes. 

With me, you can contact me in a multitude of ways and one of those being a phone call. When you call me I try to learn about you and your vehicle. Figure out if you do or don’t need a wax or full interior. Maybe you need a polish to get your vehicle looking as good as possible for a car show or wanting to impress your Friday night date. Maybe you have a scratch that needs to be removed or special rims that need extra care. I also spend time out of my day to make informative blog posts, videos, pictures and write ups of vehicles I’m working on, or write about different things that I think you guys may find interesting. I do all of these things because I know deep down that there is more to detailing than just a quick wash and wax. I want to show you that there is a lot of knowledge and variety of products that go into all the aspects of detailing. I have also made it incredibly easy to book a service if you already know what you want with online scheduling on both my Facebook business page or my website. Too busy to come down and write me a check or give me cash? Not a problem. I can email you the invoice and you can pay with a card through that. 

What if you want to keep your vehicle looking amazing for years or make is easier to keep clean and protect the paint better than any wax or sealant? Yep I can do that too. Want to keep your vehicle looking nice year-round by having me come out every couple of weeks? Not a problem. And the biggest difference? I spend multiple hours on your vehicle and when I’m there, your vehicle is my biggest priority. YOU are my paycheck and I plan on being around for awhile so it is in my biggest interest to try and make sure that from point A-Z you are happy and want others to experience the same level of personal service and high level of detailing that you did.

And honestly? I’m just getting started.  

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