Destroying your paint. One car wash at a time.

brush car wash

Pictured above is one of the worst things you can do for your car’s paint. This is a brush car wash and under no circumstances should anyone use this to wash their car. 

High speed brushes and harsh concentrations of chemicals results in a onslaught against your paint that your paint will almost always lose. Now you may be thinking ‘I have gone through these before and my vehicle came out just fine’ but if you know what to look for you will see that every single time you do a wash like this your vehicle comes out on the losing side. 

If you have a dark colored vehicle, when it’s sunny sometime try and look at your paint where the sun is. See all those tiny little lines that look like spider webs on your paint? Those are surface scratches that are commonly called swirl marks. Why should you care about these? Remember when you first bought your vehicle and it was so nice and shiny? Swirl marks make your paint look dull or as some people call oxidized. Swirl marks can be caused by something as simple as improper washing and drying of your car so just imagine what high speed brushes and harsh chemicals do to your paint. I have personally seen several vehicles that the owner notices several deep scratches after going through a wash and sadly there is nothing that can be done at that point except for the panel to be repainted. 

Why do these washes cause such deep scratches? Well if you can imagine that your vehicle is quite dirty when it enters the wash and then these brushes are just picking up that dirt and sliding it across your paint it’s not hard to see why this could happen. 

So why are these washes so attractive to people then if they cause such damage? Well because most of the time they will get your vehicle cleaner than if you were to go through a brushless car wash. And a lot of these washes have monthly subscription plans that you can buy and wash your vehicle as many times as you want. So what’s the happy medium to this? Well with our most popular package, the Silver Package, your car gets a wash, clay bar and 6 month sealant applied along with a basic interior. The clay bar along with the sealant not only protects your paint but also gives it very low surface tensions (makes it smooth) so that when you go through a touchless car wash there is a much better chance of your vehicle coming out completely clean. If you don’t know what clay bar means please read a previous blog post of mine here

I also now offer monthly maintenance packages for customers. You must first purchase either the Silver or Gold package and then for a flat fee every month I will come out either once a month or twice per month and give your car a wash and a quick interior vacuum and wipe-down. This keeps your vehicle looking great without having to use harsh chemicals. 

If you would like more information on our maintenance packages please call, text or email me and we can discuss what would be the best course of action for your vehicle. 


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