Fabric Coatings

Some of you may have already read my previous blog post about coatings for paint (if not read here) and how amazing they are.

Well today we are going to talk about the #1 destroyer of vehicles. This force is so unbearably massive that until now there was almost nothing we could do to stop it. It relentlessly eats away at your vehicles value until there was nothing left. Yes we are talking about kids.


Well all know how it works. They start off looking like this ^^^ all cute and innocent and your little heart beats a little faster and you think to yourself that they are just little angels. But then….Kids-Making-Mess

They get ahold of something and the inside of your car ends up looking like a demolition site.

Well I can help with at least one part of that problem with Fabric coatings. Fabric coatings do essentially the same job that Scotch Guard does except it does it better and lasts longer (starting to see a theme with my products? 😉 ) With that same piece of floor mat in the above video we let water sit on top of it for 20 min on the coated side and it didn’t absorb into the fibers. So if Jr back there is trying to make one of those paintings where they splash stuff on a canvas and call it art but with fruit punch juice and the canvas is your Town & Country van then you need not worry cause it won’t stain!

I’m not quite sure what all is in fabric coatings but I know it has the same elements of paint coatings where it provides unbelievable protection for up to 1 year. I would advise having this done whenever you get a full interior done so then your interior is looking its best and stays that way. Now this obviously does not replace vacuuming and if you drag muddy boots in you’re still gonna have mud inside but it will at least make it so that all you have to do is vacuum it up and your done! No more stains and tough mud spots to get out.

I now offer this as an upgrade to any full interior detail package as well as leather coating to protect your leather seats as well.

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