My secret weapon….ONR


Well here it is! I have been hinting at it long enough and for any of you that have watched my detailing video series you already know a little bit about this fantastic product.

Wash technology has advanced so much in the last decade that it gets to be very hard to keep up with but that’s hopefully why you follow along with this so you can get the latest in detailing techniques and get to know a little bit about some of the newest products. One of the advances is what you see right here, Optimum No Rinse or ONR as I will refer to it here on out.

It used to be that if you wanted to properly wash a vehicle that you used what we call the two-bucket method. I go over in detail how to do the two-bucket method in a previous post of mine. It’s not that the two-bucket method is obsolete it’s just that there is now a better and more importantly, a more environmentally-friendly option. With the two-bucket method you can potentially use up to 15 gallons of water with the pre-rinse, two 5 gallon buckets of water, and the after rinse. Not to mention you will have run off from rinsing off your car with all that soap. And it is actually not THE safest way to wash your car.

With ONR the process is not only faster, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly but it is also the safest way to currently wash your car that I know of. With ONR your steps are pre-rinse your car (might not be needed depending on how dirty) and then get a single 5 gallon bucket and fill with just 2 gallons of water. Then add 1 oz of ONR to the bucket and that’s what you use to wash your car! You then wash your car by submerging your wash media in the bucket and simply start washing your car. But now here’s the best part…you just take your drying towel and wipe it off! Bam! Done! Clean car. Seems crazy doesn’t it? Honestly I don’t blame people for being skeptical about it because I was skeptical but once I started seeing how many other detailers use it (ones that make FAR more money than I do and have been in business WAY longer) I decided that I should give it a shot. Because there is one other aspect of ONR that makes it so awesome, and that’s that it is incredibly versatile. But I will touch on that in a little bit after I get into how ONR works a little bit but first here’s a video to show just how crazy easy it is to use this system.

If you would like to hear a podcast from the biggest fan and user of ONR and Canada’s Optimum distributor and let him tell you all the details about ONR he does a way better job than I ever could.

He touches on how versatile ONR is but I’ll give you the cliff notes version: It can be used to clean glass, clean interiors, clean rims, you can use the dirty water from your wash bucket to water your plants (seriously), and it’s a water softener (no more hard water spots!).

If you want to buy this amazing product and stop wasting time washing your car you can order it here on Amazon.


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